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Directions to Coventry Farms
Coventry Farms, English Riding lesson, Childrens Camp, Theraputic Riding
Coventry Farms is located on the SE corner of Santa Fe and Mineral.  The mailing address is 7990 S. Santa Fe but the public entrance is on Mineral Ave.  From Santa Fe, turn EAST on Mineral.  IMMEDIATELY after you go under the railroad bridges, turn right onto a dirt road.  There’s a small sign at the corner.  The dirt road comes up very quickly, within 20 yards, after you make the turn onto Mineral.  If you come to the light at W. Long Ave/Jackass Hill, you've gone past the dirt road. 
Drive down the dirt road about 1/2 mile and look for the big blue arena in the distance.  There is a big hairpin curve to the right and then a curve to the left before you reach the blue arena.